Women of Distinction

 WISH’s Women of Distinction Dinner and Awards Ceremony honors and celebrates extraordinary women in the community who have improved the lives of women and children throughout Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska.

Please watch for updates on our Women of Distinction Event!

For more information about the Women of Distinction Dinner and Awards Ceremony contact WISH at 907-228-4099.

2012 Honorees  
Tris Nausid, Charlotte Glover, Elizabeth Nelson, and Alma Parker

Past Honorees

2008 Honorees:
Janet Duncan, Mimi Eddy,
Bett Jakubek, Linda Schrack, Special
Recognition to Esther Shea

2010 honorees:
Cecilia Johnson, Peggy Hovik,
 Jeanne Sande, Clara Diaz and Marna Cessnun

2009 honorees:
Yvonne Watson, Kathy Fitzgerald,
Sher Schwartz, and Karen Eakes

2011 honorees: 
Gerry Knasiak, Mary Schulz, Fay Freeman, Romaine Thomas, and Shellie Greaves