Interested in being a board member?

Roles and responsibilities of a board member

  • Define and oversee the mission of WISH and keep it relevant to the needs of our community

  • Assist in raising resources to ensure financial sustainability of WISH

  • Select, support and evaluate the Executive Director

  • Provide strategic guidance to the organization and the Executive Director

  • Approve programs and services and monitor their effectiveness

  • Ensure continuous board improvement

  • Maintain a fiduciary responsibility in support of the organization’s financial needs

Board Members Must Commit To:

  • Participating in board training, seminars, workshops, etc.

  • Participating in the planning and execution of fundraising events

  • Assisting to the best of your ability in fundraising activities and events

  • Serving on at least two board committees, one of which is fundraising

  • Making an annual personal gift that is meaningful and significant

  • Holding WISH to a high standard of performance and actively helping make it a success

  • Understanding your roles and responsibilities, and becoming knowledgeable about WISH and its operations so you may make informed decisions that are best for the organization

  • Reading board packets prior to the next board meeting and coming prepared to each meeting

  • Arriving at meetings on time and staying for the full agenda unless you have otherwise notified the board or executive director

  • Asking for clarification on any matters or material that you do not understand before making an objective perspective

  • Respecting the confidentiality of the board’s business

  • Gaining community support through promoting membership and education

  • Actively working toward those decisions and solutions that are in the organization’s best interests

Want to become a board member?

We are always looking for big hearted individuals to become board members. If you are interested, please download, fill out and email the following forms to: