WISH offers a variety of free, confidential services to community members who have been impacted by domestic and/or sexual violence. WISH’s services are available to individuals of all genders, and many WISH services may be accessed as day services and do not require you to stay in shelter to utilize them.


WISH has a 32-bed shelter to provide a safe place for women and their children to stay while they work with advocates to decide what they will do next. WISH provides alternative housing for male victims of violence and their families while they work on moving forward.

If you need emergency safe shelter, please call 907-225-9474 to speak with a WISH advocate.


WISH operates a 24-hour crisis line staffed by trained advocates. Victims of domestic and/or sexual violence can call at any time to speak with a WISH advocate.

You can reach us at: 907-225-9474

Or toll free at: 1-800-478-9474.

Safety Planning.png

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that a victim of domestic and/or sexual violence can utilize to help maximize their safety no matter where they are. A safety plan can be utilized while in an abusive situation, leaving an abusive situation, and/or staying safe after an abusive situation.

WISH advocates can help you build a safety plan that will work for you.

Call 907-225-9474 to speak to an advocate about safety planning.


WISH provides support to victims of sexual assault/domestic violence and their families in communities throughout Southern Southeast Alaska.

WISH works closely with HOPE on POW, and BRAVE in Wrangell.

WISH offers emergency transportation for victims of sexual assault/domestic violence to our shelter in Ketchikan from communities throughout Southern Southeast Alaska.

Call 907-225-9474 for more information.

Legal Advocacy.png

WISH’s legal advocate can assist you with many aspects of the legal process such as:

  • Petitioning for a protective order

  • Filing for divorce

  • Completing custody paperwork

  • Connecting with a lawyer

The legal advocate can also accompany you to court.

You may call or text the legal advocate directly at:
Or email:

All calls, texts and emails to the legal advocate are confidential between you and the advocate.

Sexual Assault Response.png

Our primary concern is your safety and well-being after a sexual assault.

Our advocates will respond to what you need in an emergency related to sexual violence.

WISH services are available regardless of whether or not you want to report the assault to law enforcement.

If you have been sexually assaulted, you have a right to receive a free sexual assault exam at the local hospital. This exam does not require you to report the assault to law enforcement.

The exam can include treatment for injuries, testing for pregnancy and testing for sexually transmitted infections. A WISH advocate can accompany you to the hospital, ensure unnecessary people are excluded from the exam room (including friends and family if you do not want them there), and ensure that you have the right to stop any part of the exam at any time.

A WISH advocate can inform you of your rights and the process of reporting an assault to law enforcement, if you so choose. Or discuss other options available to you if you do not want to report to law enforcement. Lean more about the process here.

We can also meet immediate needs (such as clothing, food and shelter) after an assault, and offer other support as necessary.

If you have experienced sexual violence and would like to explore options available to you, please call:

Adult Advocacy.png

Our advocates are here to help you identify what you need after experiencing domestic or sexual violence and to support the decisions you make to more forward with your life.

WISH recognizes that seeking services can sometimes be difficult, which is why our advocates can assist you with a multitude of tasks, such as:

  • Finding employment

  • Securing housing

  • Applying for benefits (such as Medicaid or food stamps)

  • Getting healthcare (including transportation to a clinic or hospital and accompaniment if desired)

  • Getting into treatment

  • Finding childcare

  • Other needs

You do not need to stay in shelter to work with a WISH advocate.

To speak to an advocate about how they can help you, please call: 907-225-9474.


WISH has a counselor on staff who is available to meet with individuals who have been impacted by domestic or sexual violence. You do not need to be staying in shelter to access counseling at WISH.

Call 907-225-9474 for more information.


In partnership with Ketchikan Indian Community’s domestic violence program, WISH offers an educational support group that helps victims better understand the dynamics of abuse while offering them support and a safe place to share their experiences.

This group meets every Monday at 11AM in the shelter. Group members do not need to be in shelter to attend. The group is confidential and free of charge.

For more information, please call WISH at: 907-225-9474.

children advocate

WISH’s Children’s Advocate supports families with children that have been impacted by violence by helping them connect with resources and offering activities for parents and children.

Many of these activities are open to all families in the community and do not require you or your children to be staying in shelter to access.

These activities include trips to local parks, craft projects, and other outings.

Call: 907-225-9474 or email chessa.s@wishak.org for more information.


WISH continues to support participants as they move forward with their lives by checking in on them periodically and supporting their transition out of shelter. Safety checks are one way WISH can ensure that participants are still safe and able to access resources after they have left the shelter.


WISH recognizes that domestic violence and sexual assault happen to people from all different demographics, regardless of age, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, social class, race, ethnicity, national origin, ability, marital status, or religion. WISH’s advocates are trained to support all victims.